[Twitter Roundup] SNSD’s Taeyeon Turns Into Edna Mode, G-Dragon Takes His Shirt Off and More

 Happy Friday! You made it!

As we wrap up another week, see what the stars were up to in today′s Twitter Roundup!

BoA tweeted a photo of some fancy footwear, courtesy of Giuseppe Zanotti on March 29, writing “Last night, Giuseppe gave me these lovely shoes! Thank you so much! And your autograph too!!”

Of course BoA is on a first name basis with the famed shoe designer. 

2NE1’s Sandara Park tweeted a photo with YG’s Lydia Paek on March 28 with the message, “Happy x 21 bday to our Woorunggaksi Lydia!!!!!!!!!! ^^.”

Woorunggaksi refers to a famous guardian angel-type character in Korean folklore.

YG’s Hwang Trainer posted a photo on his Instagram of himself with a half-naked G-Dragon on March 29 with the caption “Everybody~ Keep exercising^^.”

Listen to the trainer!

 G-Dragon also made an appearance on Lee Soo Hyuk′s Twitter with 2NE1’s CL on March 29, when the model and actor shared a photo from Seoul Fashion Week’s KYE show.

 SHINee’s Key, who has been popping up at various Seoul Fashion Week shows as well, posted a photo on his Instagram on March 29 with House of Holland designer Henry Holland.

If they were face to face, they’d be each other’s mirror image.

 The day before, SHINee’s Jonghyun tweeted a selca on March 28 from Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio show with the message, “Listen Sukira!!ㅎ.”

 SNSD’s Taeyeon appeared to have found her doppelganger when she posted a photo of Edna Mode from The Incredibles on her Instagram with the message “Edna. My hero.”

An hour later, she posted a photo of herself channeling her inner Edna, with the caption “Nerrrdddd want to be like Ednaaaa~~ nerddddd.”
Teen Top’s L.Joe was in a good mood when he tweeted a photo on March 28 with the message, “Woo~Another day is ending like this! Everyone, how was your day~~~ Was it good? Let’s have a good day tomorrow too! See you all tomorrow!”

 Member Ricky also caught the happy virus, tweeting a selca on March 29 with the message, “The weather is yoohoo.. Everyone coming to ‘Music Bank’ today lalalalalala!^^”

 B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk tweeted a photo on March 28, writing “You wanna have some bite? ;] #workhard.”

That would be a yes.

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